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A Belated Graduation

I remember bits and pieces of my college graduation day. I remember being exhausted, cranky, excited, sad, and unfortunately at the end of it all, extremely lonely. The day started out in a frenzied style. I was tired from a long night out and needed to paint concealer all over my face to cover the … Continue reading


My lion’s mane cannot be ignored and neither can my roar! I have made the executive, judicial, and legislative decision (b/c I am all three branches of my own government) to give the publishing/editing world a chance. I’d like a taste, if someone will let me have one. I have an interview tomorrow . . … Continue reading

My Chungdahm Essay!

The prompt for this was to write about an issue of importance to you; however, the real issue was that word limit was between 400-500 words. 😦 I tried my best Although there are a vast multitude of issues that should be addressed on international, national, and local scales, there is one issue that continues … Continue reading

Music over White Noise

I stared out of the rain-marked window as my father repeatedly switched between one horrific Indo-Pak radio station to another. I was trying to stay serene, I focused on my breathing, and attempted to block out the racket by letting my mind whisk me away. Unfortunately, my mind wasn’t intriguing enough and I began to … Continue reading