My Chungdahm Essay!

The prompt for this was to write about an issue of importance to you; however, the real issue was that word limit was between 400-500 words. 😦 I tried my best

Although there are a vast multitude of issues that should be addressed on international, national, and local scales, there is one issue that continues to permeate through all of these levels. It is an issue that seeps its way through levels of government, employment, and personal relationships. The perpetual, inferior status that is repeatedly assigned to and accepted by the majority of women is an issue that should be dissolved. Feminism has many definitions; however, the definition that should be accepted is the belief that men and women should be treated as equals.


            First of all, feminism, which can be considered the leader against this issue, is constantly construed as the argument of “women are better than men” or “men and women are equal”. These views are socially and scientifically unacceptable. The goal of feminism is to create a global stage where women are given the same benefits, respect, and appreciation as men. Men and women are not created equal. The biology of a human being, determines a human’s needs, wants, strengths, and weaknesses which are mostly different for each sex; this biological programming cannot be overturned by a society or culture. However, this programming can be corrupted by a society or culture by assigning derogatory roles and labels to one gender specifically.


Furthermore, women comprise over half of the Earth’s population; yet, less than 10% of women own property. The majority of cultures, religions, and societal structures dispense a second-rate status to women as objects of desire, trade, or as a way to settle disputes. This omnipotent objectification sprawls across democracies to authoritarian dictatorships and from first-world countries to third-world countries. Women have a tendency to be more sexually, verbally, and physically abused than men because they are continuously labeled as the weaker and less-worthy sex through media and patriarchal values.


Interestingly enough, many argue that this inferior status has been pinned to women since the beginning of time through the “hunter” and “gatherer” roles. Unfortunately, many disregard the notion that when these roles were the only options available, each role was considered equally important. One could not function without the other. Furthermore, many studies have been conducted on societies that are either patriarchal or matriarchal. None of the studies found both sexes to be equally happy in either social system. Typically, the dominating sex is the one that has the most self-worth. If the majority of social systems are patriarchal, but the majority of the world’s population is female, then the majority of the world’s population does not have the self-worth that is necessary for a human being to feel good about themselves. If self-worth was balanced-out in societies to encompass both genders, the world would be a different place.


Overall, this sexist inferiority issue will take time to be addressed and overcome. It is a global, national, and local issue that has a long history and no boundaries except those that humans construct for it. Although we may not see this issue dissipate during our time, one can create change wherever one goes; all it takes is a snowball to start an avalanche.


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