My lion’s mane cannot be ignored and neither can my roar!

I have made the executive, judicial, and legislative decision (b/c I am all three branches of my own government) to give the publishing/editing world a chance. I’d like a taste, if someone will let me have one. I have an interview tomorrow . . . super nervous. If I could just get my toe in the door, then creep in my leg, *reaching reaching* and then my skinny (well-muscled) thigh, and then BAM! I’d like to get my whole body in through that password protected, finger print detecting, bouncer-at-the-door, alarm guarded entrance. *le sigh.

Fingers crossed. I am feeling simply empowered right now. I refuse to be hustled in to a career filled with unhappy days and constant glances at a black and white clock—I have about fourteen years worth of memories of math class and that is quite enough for me thank you!

I am well aware that the journey that i have set out on is filled with peril—arranged marriage proposals, the silent, but constant ticking of my biological clock, the brute economy that is fumbling around trying to get its footing right, the cut-throat competition, and simply my itty bitty network web, but I am in the mood to persevere. I have never been number one in anything except English. As I grew older, that became less and less because I was supposed to be a doctor. Well, if all goes well, I will be a doctor eventually… of English. I want to enjoy my job, whatever that may be, every day. I think I may have found it, now I just need the job to find me.

Funny how in this moment, many women are wishing for a romantic partner (be it male or female), and I want my perfect partner too; although mine is not a tangible partner: my career. I want us to have a long-lasting marriage, with lots of children. I want to be happy to see it every day and I want to languish when I’m away from it. Maybe one day, the industry will need and want me, as much as I need and want it in this moment.


-SM 🙂


Have a beautiful day. Feel empowered about something!


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